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if so, I'll suggest you to take a look at webdate and chameleon (I have checked out both of the dating software sites mentioned and wound up buying from evercurrent.NET may be the best way to go for a dating and social networking site, and (brace yourselves) not Linux/Apache/My SQL/PHP. I think after visiting this you will change your mind [/B] why do you think that is better than php?

I have not had a lot of advanced database design experience so I am hoping someone can help me out with this one....The only issue with this method is that you need to handle text answers separately; this method only works for multiple choice answers.However, using this method and mixing it with a text answer method should not be difficult. dating site from friend and i want to make similar to that site by this post i got so many things to learn that how to make a database to make you dating site.according to the statistics, millions of developers worldwide chosen php for their solutions and web-applications.maybe that's because you haven't found any decent script written in php?

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This method is very flexible because to add a question, you just need to add a record to the "Attributes" table and add the responses for the question to the the "Responses" table.